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Custom Printed Foil Coffee Bag

The custom printed foil coffee bag is a back centre sealed bag made of matte OPP/AL/PE, with side gusset and degassing valve in accordance with customer's specifications for 500 g content with great printing up to 12 colours.

The custom printed foil coffee bag is special to pack coffee beans or coffee powder. The material, size, thickness and printing colour are according to customers' requirements but we can advise them. It has an aluminium layer laminated, which is good barrier to resist moisture, oxygen, light and other factors, also, can be replaced by metallized film to save costs.

The custom printed foil coffee bag can be designed with a clear window with the same characteristics, protecting from sunlight, air, avoiding flavour mixing or acidification. Styles can be stand up bag, stand up with zipper bag, three side sealed bag, quad sealed bag, back corner sealed bag, back centre sealed bag, side gusset bag, bottom gusset bag or others.

The custom printed foil coffee bag can held one-way degassing valve imported from USA according to your request, this in an air let out valve to set free the CO2 emitted for the coffee, still preventing light and air coming in to protect its fresh flavour; when clients buy the coffee in stores, they squeeze the bag from this valve and smell the fragrance.

To produce custom printed foil coffee bags we have one 6-color printing, three 8-color printing and one 12-color printing machines, dry laminators, flow extension machines, high speed slitting and folding machines, heat-sealed, bag-making, heat cut and cold cut machines, a professional team and a group of inspecting workers to ensure quality of the final printed foil coffee bag with a good price.

The custom printed foil coffee bag production is supplied all year round, our company meets requirements according with ISO 9001:2008 and uses materials to compliant with 2002/72/EC and 94/62/EC, plus, we are updated with business certificates, import and export licences and factory audit reports.

Disclaimer: The intellectual property shown on the listed product (s) belongs to third parties, offered as examples of our production capabilities, they are not for sale.

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