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Service Flow

Our company Jimo Jinlong Plastic Compound Color Printing Co., Ltd provides customers sales, production and delivery in one-stop service, including consulting, quotation, drawing-drafts, die-making, bag production, packaging, delivery and after-sale service.

1. Consulting
When customers need packaging bags, they can call 86-532-87558598 (domestic), 86-532-87556179(international)to inquiries. We will try our best to provide the customers help according to their needs.

2. Quotation; we have a wide range of plastic bags that can be used in the food, gifts, cloths, chemical and other industries. Our sales department will quote for customers according to the following information.

a. Material
The customer shall provide information about material of the bags. If the customer is not clear about it, he can provide us samples or tell us details of products they are going to pack, such as weight, shape, etc. We shall provide the customers reasonable suggestions.

b. Bag Type
Qingdao Jinlong Plastic provides trilateral closure (zipper) bag, four sides seal (zipper) bag, slide zipper bag, bottom-inserted zipper bags, back sealing bags, back sealing side-inserted bags, side sealing bags, fold bags and many other kinds.

c. Size
The customer shall provide the length and width of the bag, the size of the inserted edge and inserted bottom.

d. Printing
Our company has advanced printing equipments. The eight-colour printing machines and twelve-colour printing machines are all computer-controlled to print up to 12 colours.

Qingdao Jinlong Plastic accepts small orders.

3. Drawing-Drafts
The customer shall provide the drawings. After checking the plate-making in our factory and before signing the contract, customer shall confirm the drawings. Our designers can design drawings according to the documents (ai, pdf) provided by customers or their requirements.

4. Die-Making
The engraving company shall make dies according to the drawings provided by the designer.

5. Bag Production
We will first make samples according to customer's requirements. After customer's confirmation, we will produce the bags in mass.

6. Packaging
The finish department shall package the bags,usually we use cartons. We can also provide other kinds of packaging according to the customer's requirements.

7. Delivery
We will deliver production to the destination where the customer designates after received delivery notice. In case of international customer, we deliver production to Qingdao Port and we'll make arrangements to ship goods to their final destination.

8. After-Sale Service
We will e-mail customers and ask the function of our goods to make sure there are no quality problems, if there are, we will deal with it on time providing solutions right away. Every quarter of year, we will conduct a survey to research about how satisfactory our products are and to get to know customer's suggestions or problems they might have and will make the equivalent improvement.

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